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Tourist Places in Darjeeling - Queen of the Hills

Tourist Places in Darjeeling - Queen of the Hills

Darjeeling is the hill region of West Bengal, India. It always has been a point of tourist’s attraction. There are lots of things that make it so special and famous Tourist Places. Darjeeling is famous for tea industry, Kangchenjunga hill, Toy Train, wide range of hills and beautiful landscapes. 

Tourist Places - Darjeeling - travelmaniak.info

Here are some important visiting points at Darjeeling...

Tourist Places - Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Tourist Places - Himalayan Mountaineering Institute - travelmaniak.info
Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
                        Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is one of the favorite places of tourists. Actually it’s a museum built by great mountaineer Tenzing Norgay. This museum exhibits the collection of records and story of different mountaineering and mountaineering equipments. 

Main Tourist Attractions - Toy Train

Tourist Places - Toy Train - travelmaniak.info
Toy Train
                        Darjeeling's Toy Train is the most favorites feature of tourists. It always has been a centre of tourist’s attraction.  Toy Train runs on narrow-gauge lines between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway operates this Toy Train service and it also a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. Traveling experience in Toy Train through mountains, gardens and enjoy the beauty of nature is beyond words. 

Top Tourist Destinations - Tiger Hill

Tourist Places - Tiger Hill - travelmaniak.info
Tiger Hill
                        Tiger Hill located 11km away from Darjeeling and one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Every day lots of tourists come to see the Sun rise at morning. Best time to visit Tiger Hill is October to December. Snow covers peaks of Tiger Hill are mind-blowing and most beautiful landscape. Tiger hill is also famous for watching point of Kangchenjunga. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful landscape.

Famous Natural Garden and Visiting Place for Tourists - Rock Garden

Tourist Places - Rock Garden - travelmaniak.info
Rock Garden
                        Rock Garden is located 11km away from Darjeeling. There are some beautiful features it has like waterfalls, park, flower garden etc.  

Thrilling experience for Tourists - Ropeway or Cable car

Tourist Places - Ropeway or Cable car - travelmaniak.info
Ropeway or Cable Car
                        Ropeway or Cable car service is one of the most favorite tourist destinations of Darjeeling. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the ropeway ride and beauty of wonderful landscapes.

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